How To Draw Naruto Vs Sasuke Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

Okay, for this first part, we’ll begin by establishing the basic structure of the club for Sasuke. We’ll work on Naruto in the second step. It doesn’t need to be perfect because it’s only a sketch. Once you’ve finished this then move to step 2.

Step 2

We’ll start with a simple figure for Naruto. Follow the same steps as before with the sasuke. This is step 3.

Step 3

Then begin sketching Naruto or Sasuke’s facial expressions. Take your time in this step. Don’t forget the little things like the scratches of Naruto’s like the lines that run across his cheeks. Draw his headband as well.

Step 4

You can now draw their clothing. Start with Naruto’s sleeves first. Next, you can work on Sasuke’s upper portion. Make sure to add the folds in all directions.

Step 5

Ok Now you’re working on Naruto’s jacket. You now draw Naruto’s hand. His hand was squeezed into an elongated fist. Also, there’s Sasuke’s hand. Also, working to Sasuke as well as Naruto’s wrinkles on his clothes. Move on to step 6.

Step 6

Then, you’ll work on their bottom. This is a very long process, so be patient. Sasuke’s cut-offs were well-liked. So first, take the cord and wrap it to the waist. Then, pull it around pull it around the “pants” and boots. Then, we can work on the bottom of Naruto’s body by drawing Pants, Shoes and even pockets to his sides.

Step 7

You’re almost there You’re now just to add details to your sketch. For example, folds, toes, facial details, and even clothing specifics.

Step 8

Then, apply the steps in a uniform manner and draw it out using a pencil or a dark colored pen. Then you’re finished!



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