How To Draw Naruto Shippuden Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Begin by following some basic directions and shapes that will form Naruto’s frame. Naruto. The first step is to draw an outline of a circle and then apply guide lines to the face. Then, draw a line around the neck and join it to the body form. Then draw the leg and arm guides as shown here.

Step 2
It is now time to sketch out the outline of Naruto’s head, which features spikes, and is slightly shorter at the top. Then, draw his face , and then draw a line over his eyebrows to create the hairband.

Step 3
Start using eye guides for drawing Naruto’s nose pupils, and nose. The next step is to outline the neck’s back before drawing the beginning lines of his high collar using the jacket or shirt.

Step 4
In addition to the outline details of his headband, it highlights the leaf logo. Finish the outline of his face, including whiskers and mouth in the shape on his head. Additionally, you will draw flaps of the tied headbands that blow through the air. After that, begin sketching his arm and jacket shape. The right arm is characterized by an asymmetrical crease in the elbow’s crease.

Step 5
Begin to detail and define the jacket’s lines of design which make up the jacket. After that, you are able to draw his hands.

Step 6
Then you can begin drawing Naruto’s pants and legs as shown here. Begin with the head and end in the knees. On his left foot , there appears to be the leg wrapped around which is why you need to remove it also. You can roll up the leg of your pant close to the crotch, and then move to the next drawing step.

Step 7
Complete drawing the pants, before drawing the inner lining to cover his legs. Then sketch the sock as the shoes he is wearing, and the toes of his feet. It is possible to erase all the patterns and designs you sketched in the step 1.

Step 8
After you’ve learned “how to draw Naruto Shippuden” Your drawing will look exactly similar to the one you can see here. Paint him in color and you’re finished!

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