Hello, dear comic book lovers! Today, we are presenting an instructional drawing lesson on drawing Mystique. Mystique (Raven Darkholme) is one of the characters of Marvel Comics associated with The X-Men. It was designed by the creator Dave Kokum.

Step 1
Because Mystique is a girl We will use here the rules of drawing the female character that differs slightly in comparison to male figures. First, the chin and the entire face are broader. Shoulders are narrower or equal to pelvic bones.

Step 2
Let’s add volume, but before that, we’ll sketch out those lines of symmetry on the face. Like always, we create a horizontal line to the eyes, and an upward line to locate where the facial center is. By using curved lines, we draw the body.

Step 3
Utilizing circles, draw the knees and shoulders. After that, using elongated cylinders create her arms. The hands should be with fists that are clenched. Next, draw leg muscles, that are broad in the hips, and are tapered closer to the knees.

Step 4
Let’s begin adding details. Draw two slightly curly hair lines. Along the vertical line, draw the eyes of almonds and draw tiny eyebrows over the eyes. Draw the lines of the face, and then draw her cheekbones and her chin.

Step 5
This is where we draw The face of Mystique. Draw out the nose with a vertical line in the second step. Then make a lip line and proceed to the following step.

Step 6
Let’s draw Mystique’s head. Mystique. Draw the outline that the hair has. At the midpoint of the hair, draw lines of hair that are parted. Using gentle and slightly curled lines makes a hair-like texture.

Step 7
We’ll move on to the body of Mystique. The first step is to draw the outline of the body. Then sketch your lines for the suits. Add some folds.

Step 8
Make sure you draw lines on the arms. Keep in mind that women’s hands are thinner and more delicate than the arms of men. Then draw lines for the gloves along with seams and lines on your gloves. Don’t forget to add folds.

Step 9
So, let’s finish drawing Mystique clothes. Draw a sequence of tiny skulls that make up the belt. By using long and slightly curly lines, draw the fabric that is hanging on the belt.

Step 10
We came to the end of the course on drawing Mystique. By using smooth and slightly curved lines, draw the legs taking into consideration all the curves and flexed muscles. Draw lines on shoes.

We did draw Mystique in the style of the comic, but we didn’t include shadows. If you’d like to add shadows to your drawing, go to the tutorials on the Beast and Punisher and we will tell you how to add shadows there.

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