Today, we’ll show the readers what to draw Mysterio of Marvel Comics. As you may have guessed, Mysterio is among the most famous of the old-school foes that are Spider-Man.

Step 1
In this drawing, Mysterio appears to be straight and it’ll be fairly simple to sketch his face. Pick up a pencil and using the aid of lines of light draw the head as a shape of an upside-down egg (or the shape of an oval). Next sketch a line around the spine where the pelvis and thorax are situated. Then, at the end of this step, draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Sketch out a body that is narrower at the waist. Draw out shoulders in the shape of circles, and arms with designs of cylindrical shapes. In the same way, we draw the legs, and then move on to the next stage.

Step 3
In different comics, Mysterio has a different appearance. He always has an elongated mantle and a crystal ball hanging from his head. Let’s draw the two items at this point. Remember to draw the outline of boots and the incredibly unusual (and mysterious) bracers.

Step 4
We hope that you didn’t attempt to draw the shape of the head during the previous steps. This is because in this stage we’ll erase everything within the shape of the ball. In addition, in this step, you will need to draw lines of horizontal folding on your fabric beneath the ball.

Step 5
In this next step, we’ll draw the torso out of Mysterio. The first step is to draw the big pectoral muscles. Then, you can draw an epigastric angle (the lowest part of the chest, and where the abs begin). Then at the end of this process, we will draw the outline of the mantle. We must make it beautiful and clean and remove all guidelines that are not needed.

Step 6
In this section, we’ll sketch the arms in depth. Therefore, we have to draw carefully the contours of the muscles in the arms, and then remove any unnecessary guidelines from the drawings. In addition, we offer specific drawing instructions for drawing fists and palms. Make sure to take the time to read this article because it may be one of the hardest portions of the body to draw.

Step 7
This process is easy. We sketch the contours of the legs. If drawing legs be sure to take into consideration the joints and muscles otherwise, you could end up with two pillars instead of real legs. Following that, it is recommended to remove any unnecessary lines that were drawn in earlier steps.

Step 8
Draw patterns in the form of cells on the dress of Mysterio. Draw these lines taking into consideration all curvatures and irregularities on the body in order to create dimension. Utilizing a variety of horizontal strokes trace the outline of the head using glasses.

Step 9
Include shadows in the Mysterio. As you can see, the sketch is a typical illustration of comic style where the shadows are striking and bright black. It is recommended to draw shadows in two steps: first, draw the contour of the shade, and afterward, draw the shadow areas. For drawing halftones, employ hatching.

This was a drawing course where we taught you how to draw Mysterio. We must have drawn all of the members in Sinister Six. Sinister Six, did not we?

There are Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, and Dr. Octopus. Then we get Mysterio. It’s been discovered that we are missing only Electro, isn’t it? Check out our website and we’ll draw it in the near future. Have fun!


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