How to Draw Mulan Easy

How to Draw Mulan Easy

Step 1:

Let’s begin by drawing Mulan simple, shall we. Begin with a circle, and then draw the facial lines.

Step 2:

Then, using the sketch you’ve just created, draw the facial shape and then draw the hair strand that is positioned on the side of her face.

Step 3:

We’ll use the rules of facial expression to fill Mulan’s beautiful eyes, as and her arched eyebrows nose , and full set of lips.

Step 4:

Make sure to draw the head shape that is made by the long, black locks. Take note of how I drawn the hair flowing to the side.

Step 5:

Last but not least make sure you give Mulan an attractive neck and then erase the errors and guidance.

Step 6:

All you have to do is finish. She is now ready to be brought back to life with some colour.

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