Hello, everybody! We have decided today to share a new drawing lesson that is gradual that will teach the steps you can sketch Ms. Marvel. She isn’t the most well-known heroine in the comic book, however, it’s vibrant and memorable.

Carol Danvers (real name of Ms. Marvel) has a lengthy biographical. She was a CIA agent, was part of the anti-terrorist organization “Shield” under the direction of Nick Fury, and was part of “The Marvels” team that fought side by side together with Captain America. Let’s get started and discover the art of drawing Ms. Marvel!

Step 1
Start by drawing a stickman. Since we require him to sketch the posture of the person on paper. Then, we will sketch out the fundamental dimensions and the posture. It is possible to use the basic principles of proportions for the female body (they can be found in some of the drawings in our classes on drawing an attractive girl) However, make sure to draw the characteristics of an athletic Carol.

The first step is to draw the head using an oval. Then, trace the line of your body with simple lines. The shoulders of Ms. Marvel are slightly larger than a typical woman’s shoulders, and other parts of her body have more volume. Also, notice the posture in the pose of Ms. Marvel – her body is slightly extended to the side, with the eyes that are directly facing us.

Step 2
Let’s start adding volume to Ms. Marvel. We sketch out the contours of the hair that is Ms. Marvel – note that due to wind, the hair should shift to the left of us. Add the body’s volume legs, arms, and legs.

Notice that, unlike male torsos, female torsos have an hourglass-shaped shape. The similarity to the hourglass is created through the expansion of the hips and chest, and an abrupt narrowing of the waist region. Arms appear as elongated cylinders. Visually, they are separated into three parts that are the shoulder, which includes the upper and forearm, and the hand starting from the top and ending at the bottom.

Please take note that your arms should be in the middle of the waistline until the knee joint. The legs of Ms. Marvel should be substantially larger than her hands and especially her hips. When drawing your legs, you will observe the increase in the hips as well as the curve that the muscle of the calf, and feet.

Step 3
Draw the facial features of Ms. Marvel. The eyes should be about mid-way across the face and should be at enough distance from one another. Below there is a tiny nose and large, compressed lips.

Make sure to draw the contours of the mask. it is made up of two rhombuses in the area of the eyes. Let’s talk about the hairstyle. Note the line of separation, in which hair will be separated into strands. The hair strands are to be drawn in a direction of the roots towards the ends.

Step 4
The lesson continues in which we show the students what you can create Ms. Marvel. In this part, we are done drawing hair. It appears complicated and confusing However if you focus on the arrangement of hair from the previous steps and draw lines in the same way as in our illustration, you won’t be confused. Another aspect of this procedure is the neck. Mark its contours, and trace out the folds of the fabric.

Step 5
Draw the body that is Ms. Marvel. Begin by drawing the outline of the upper torso by using precise and assured lines. Then draw lines for the abdominals the chest and the ribs. Make the contours of clothes in the region of the shoulders.

Once the contours of the body and the inner anatomically vital lines will be in place, create a logo for the chest. Make sure that the logo must be bent to match the curvatures that the human body.

Step 6
It’s time to sketch the left-hand Ms. Marvel. Eliminate the additional guidelines, trace the contours, and draw gloves and hands. On the naked side of the arm, we do not see any muscles other than the deltoid muscle in the shoulder. Its contour is clearly discernible.

Draw the glove in a way that it’s very high, covers around the arm, and its upper edge is just above the elbow. Make sure to include some folds. The hand is a difficult drawing surface and we suggest attending a drawing class on drawing hands.

Step 7
As a follow-up to the previous step, draw the left arm for Marvel. Marvel. Also, erase any unnecessary guidelines from the previous steps. Circle the contours so that they are clear and thick. In the same way, as in the previous step, draw the hand and folds of fabric to the elbows as well as wrists.

Step 8
Mark the contours of your left leg, and erase any extra markings from the previous step. Boots cover almost the entire leg The only lines there are folds. The folds are mostly located in the area of the ankle and knee. Don’t forget to pull the belt and then fold it over.

In the end, we could say that is the day we are drawing the female Fatale since Carol was a child who was a part of Wolverine who, sometime after that was married to Deadpool.

Step 9
The second leg is drawn similarly to the first step: draw its contour, and then create the boots. Similar to the previous step, we create folds to the compression areas of fabric and in the areas of compression i.e. in the ankle and knee. The most notable difference is the existence of a substantial amount of folds in the knee area. This is because the knee is bent extremely.

Step 10
We finish the lesson by drawing the edges of the belt, which hangs from the ceiling and extends until the knee. We suggest that you begin by drawing the outline of the belt, then split it into multiple pieces, and then create irregular stripes.

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