The next lesson in drawing about the heroes from the Simpsons will focus on drawing Mr. Teeny – a monkey who is the assistant to Krusty The clown.

Step 1
The first step is to draw round eyes and a sloping nose of our tiny monkey.

Step 2
It’s a simple process – within it, we have to draw nostrils and pupils to Ms. Teeny.

Step 3
Then draw the outline of a huge mouth and muzzle of our fun-loving character.

Step 4
This step is more simple than the previous steps. You just need to draw superciliary arches.

Step 5
Draw a forehead and a slender hat. On the back of the head, tie an elongated bow tie.

Step 6
Then draw a circle ear and the outline of hair that lies between the ears and the hat, and its thread.

Step 7
With the aid of two lines that are long and curving, sketch out the outlines of the body.

Step 8
We now must draw the long arms of monkeys with big hands that Ms. Teeny.

Step 9
Another step that is extremely easy is drawing the navel and leg lines.

Step 10
Here, we draw out monkey toes as well as stripes of roller skates. Without them, we would be Mr. Teeny can’t be imagined.

Step 11
In the final step, we must draw out his roller skates. Teeny.

Mr. Teeny is not the main character and we’ve never encountered him in the Simpsons. Our readers have requested that we create an art lesson on Mr. Teeny. If you’d like to have an illustration lesson on your favorite character from The Simpsons or from other series and other shows, please let us know about it in the comments of this article.

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