How To Draw Mr Potato Head Step by Step -

How To Draw Mr Potato Head Step by Step

How To Draw Mr Potato Head Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

The process is simple for you to master it Let’s sketch the frame so that you can have some basic guidelines and shapes to draw. Begin by drawing circles for the hat, and then draw a vertical line slanted on the right side of Mr. Potato Head. You would then draw a second circle to represent his body and then two circles for his shoes or sneakers.

Step 2
Utilizing the face guides that you traced in the first step, you’ll begin drawing the outline of his eyes. This includes the eyeslids, both on the top and bottom. You’ll also colored the pupils. Once you’re done, you’re able to sketch Mr.’s nose. Potato Head, and then draw a mustache, if you desire. Lastly, draw the lower lip.

Step 3
Before you begin sketching his head, draw his face to the end. Draw and color his thick eyebrows. Then, you can begin sketching his head, starting with the simple headband. Once you’ve finished you can draw sideways of the head, and sketch the outline of his ear.

Step 4
It’s almost over After this step, you’ll be on your last drawing stage. Sketch out the outline of the potato stem and then draw hands and arms that appear like scribbled. After that you can add some specifics to create his ears appear like plastic.

Step 5
You’re at the end of the road All you have to complete sketching Mr. Potato Head is draw the outline of his large feet or sneakers. Add some intricate strips and you’re finished. Now, you’re done when you’ve erased all the basic principles and shapes you sketched in step one.

Step 6
After your Disney character is cleaned, you will be able to draw a picture similar to the one you can see here. Color him , and you’ve completed another drawing lesson. I hope that you enjoyed studying “how how to draw Mr. Potato Head, step by step”.

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