Hello, dear artists and welcome to 3dvkarts. In previous drawing classes, we demonstrated ways to draw Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski from South Park. Today, we would like to show the teacher at their school and have created a lesson on drawing his name Mr. Garrison.

Step 1
Similar to other lessons that cover our characters in South Park, first of all, we draw a head that is in the shape of a circle. We then draw two lines intersecting across the top of the head.

Step 2
A little lower, and pull out the legs and torso that we call Mr. Garrisson.

Step 3
By drawing two curving lines, you can draw the arms using two curved lines. Then draw the hands as illustrated in the example below.

Step 4
Make an armband and a seam in the upper layer of clothing, and tie an elastic belt. Separate the legs by means of a normal line.

Step 5
We’ll move to the face and draw the eyes in the shape of an oval, using the lines that intersect from the initial step.

Step 6
Draw out the wrinkles and dark eyebrows using three lines that are curly.

Step 7
Draw rectangle glasses. On either one of your sides, draw long ears, and then scraps of hair on top of the ears.

Step 8
In the final stage of the lesson on drawing Mr. Garrison, we will be required to erase any unnecessary lines.

If you enjoyed this course, then in subsequent lessons, we’ll sketch Janet Garrison and Mr. Garrison disguised as Donald Trump.


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