Hello! Today, we’re happy to share with you our latest drawing lesson. As you can see from this preview page, the theme of today’s lesson will be drawing superheroes, Marvel universe Mr. Fantastic. The real title of Mr. Fantastic is Reed Richards. Everyone who loves Marvel has heard of this extraordinary leader who is well-known as a brilliant scientist, and also a loving father to his children.

Step 1
The first step is to draw an outline of a circle. As you might have already guessed, it’s that Reed Richards is the head. Reed Richards. Draw a circle within two lines. First, vertical will signify facial symmetry. Horizontal will reveal the location that the eye. The most important thing to remember is that the line should not be moved either to the left or right.

Step 2
In this stage, you draw the palm. Take note of the size of the palm. it’s huge compared to the earlier painted head. Palm should appear like this, but it appears like she was in a distance in relation to the head. Don’t forget that we sketch a superhero that is capable of stretching.

Step 3
Our Reed Richards is quite disproportional. The left arm should be pulled away from us. Shoulder and forearms should be long enough and the palm must be round and disproportionately long.

Step 4
Draw the lower torso as well as the legs. The inguinal region resembles an hourglass lying to the side. The front leg is bigger in comparison to the reverse. The distinction in size cannot be created by superpowers and also by the laws of perspective. Reed’s legs in our illustration are very human.

Step 5
Draw lines in a short format to indicate the position of hair and facial features. Concentrate on the design of the first step.

Step 6
Create Rid Richard’s face in specifics. The upper portion of the ear should be in line with the eyebrows, while the lower part of the ear should be aligned is the one that touches the tip of the nose.

Step 7
Then draw your folds to the dress of Mr. Fantastic. In this step, sketch the phalanges using the shape of smooth lines that are transverse.

Step 8
Draw the iconic logo that is logo of the Fantastic Four The logo is to be placed in the center of the chest. The Fantastic Four included a variety of uniforms and costumes, this time we’re wearing our favorite superhero in the classic version. In this step, sketch out clear, obvious lines of the legs and lower body.

Step 9
Draw the shadows now. The lesson of drawing Mister Fantastic is an excellent example of a comics-style drawing. The shades of the drawing are strikingly different. They ought to look like black spots with a coarse texture. The most effective method of creating shadows in comic book fashion This division is in two phases:

Making shadows’ contours;
Filling in the target area with black. It is recommended to employ a soft lead pencil.

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