What is the evilest character from The Simpsons? We believe that it is Montgomery Burns – an eccentric businessman who is constantly creating the rounds. Let’s begin our lesson on drawing Montgomery Burns.

Step 1
The head is sketched in the shape of circles, necks, and the outline of the body.

Step 2
The next step is to draw the lines of the arms and legs crossed in a typical posture.

Step 3
Draw the outline of the forehead round and eyes. Draw the pupils, then move to the fourth step.

Step 4
Draw out a long, sharp nose and upper lip.

Step 5
Then, take out the remnants of Mr. Burns’s hair, as well as his ear.

Step 6
Now draw the outline for the mouth, the lower lip, and the thin neck. Also, draw lines on top of the head as well as the hairline.

Step 7
An extremely complex and time-consuming procedure – we are required in order to create collars for the jacket, shirt, and tie.

Step 8
Go to the arms, drawing the sleeves, as well as the thick and long fingers linked in a distinctive gesture.

Step 9
In this part of the lesson on drawing Mr. Burns, we draw the lower edge of the jacket.

Step 10
We are left to draw only the shoes and legs of our businessman who is eccentric, or Mr. Burns is ready.

The drawing lesson is over and we’re left with plenty of characters to draw. We’ve already drawn many characters, and we will draw at least. If you haven’t found the character you’d like to learn to draw, please tell us your thoughts in the comments of this article. Also, send us your suggestions and ideas as well as, in general, send us a note we’ll be grateful.

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