How to draw Mowgli from Jungle Book Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Create a guideline shape for Mowgli’s body and head such as this. After that, you can include the face guides as well as neck guides.

Step 2

Define the shape of Mowgli’s face in anime fashion. Include bangs and hair along the sides of the face.

Step 3

With the face guide create a full set of eyebrows. add color to them and then draw the contours of the nose, eyes and mouth. It is possible to skip this step when adding details and scratches to the face.

Step 4

Continue with the hairstyle and drawing of the head. This is the long, thick bangs, and the length of the hair until that cheek line.

Step 5

Then, we’ll draw the body of Mowgli starting with the shoulders and neck. After that then trace the entire body. Give definition to the top by drawing collarbones.

Step 6

In the final step, draw the chest’s definition, which will divide the diaphragm and breast. Make sure to erase any mistakes or instructions.

Step 7

After you’ve finished, here’s how the fin drawing will appear like. Paint Mowgli then you’re finished.

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