Hello! Today, we’ll show our readers how you can draw a terrifying creature in the Mortal Kombat universe. The lesson, as seen in the image at the top of the post is about Motaro. I’m sure a lot of you were familiar with Motaro from the time of the old Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate>>>.

Motaro was also made one of the characters in the film. Motaro as well as Goro was the third sub-boss and, if you’re lucky, one of the most brutal. We all remember when we broke our gamepads during the battles against the monster. Let’s begin the course, and discover what it takes to draw Motarto!

Step 1
Let’s begin with the stickman. It should be noted that the principles of male body proportions are only applicable until the point at which the body begins to resemble the horse’s body. Therefore, it is important to note the specifics of the form of the centaur. We begin by drawing the head using a form of an egg that is inverted. Sketch the lines that define the head, torso as well as arm (note that the torso needs to be slightly curled to highlight the high-pitched pose that is characteristic of Motaro).

In addition, take note it is that from Motaro’s top Motaro to the point of entry into the horse’s body is roughly the total lengths of 3 and 3.5 heads. The arm’s line should be smooth and slightly rounded The length is slightly larger than the length that runs through the body.

Then, you can move towards the horse’s side. Pay attention to the angle of the spine of the horse’s part. It’s not straight, as in an ordinary centaur. The curve of the spine descends down the direction that runs from the front legs towards the tail. Its front legs have straight legs while they are bent in the back. The bent legs are in the shape of the letter “S” (as is the symbol of Superman).

Step 2
Stikman is ready, you can now start adding volume. It is done in the direction top-down starting with the head, and then all the way to the intersection of the human body and the body of a horse. We begin by drawing lines for the mouth and eyes and draw the curving ears and round horns, and then with two strokes, draw the long, strong neck.

Then move to the body. When you’re adding more volume the focus should be on the lines of the stickman. Therefore, draw the huge pectoral muscles as well as relief of the abdominals. On the other side, trace the contour of the dorsal muscle. The next step is the arm. It is muscular and powerful Its outlines are formed by the next muscles (top from bottom):

around the deltoid muscle of the arm;
upper arm;
comprised of the biceps as well as consisting of the triceps and biceps;
The forearm rapidly narrows when it is near the knuckle. The characteristic anatomical structure is a spike at the forearm (do make sure to mark it).

Step 3.
Let’s bring more volume to the bottom, which is the horse portion that is the human body part of Motaro. Begin by drawing the torso first and then shifting towards the legs. Take note of the body’s position on the body. It is a lot inclined downwards as well as narrowing toward the end of the tail.

They are like human legs when we consider the design, but the dimensions differ. Check it out – conditional hips appear to be like a hair’s width, just as in humans (for instance, the narrowing of the hip towards the knee and smooth curves). Shins also feature a distinctive bulge that is visible in the region of the muscles in the calf. The hind legs are distinct. The hind legs are like the bent legs of a regular horse.

Step 4
Make the features of your face following the directions from the previous step. Then, look at the major facial features of Motaro. The nose and eyes are extremely close to one and are very close to other. The forehead and the chin are massive. The eye is quite small and slightly pointed. The eye should be unhappy, with a large superciliary arch. Don’t forget to add wrinkles to the face.

Step 5
The hairstyle is Motaro the short mohawk that starts near the forehead and continues down to the neck. Make small strips of hair on the horns, and draw the neck muscles. In addition, we notice how Motaro in the film “Mortal Kombat 2” was bristly, should you wish to have him beardy check out our guide for the steps to create beards. So, if your sketch looks like ours then proceed to your next stage.

Step 6
The next step is to look at the arms of Motaro. It is very sturdy and muscular, and you must draw the major muscle groups of the arm. To avoid getting lost within them, we recommend that you keep in mind the principal muscle groups in the arm:

Deltoid muscle. It’s rounded. At the top, it’s visually divided into two segments, then that taper downwards, creating an arm contour;
Triceps. Due to its angle, it looks like it’s tiny, however, this is a figment of imagination. The triceps is located on the back of the arm, and its primary function is to extend the arm. Actually, the triceps is the largest muscle in the arm.
Biceps. The biceps are in the back of the arm. They are clearly apparent from this view. The bicep of Motaro is huge and round.
Motaro’s forearm Motaro is also extremely massive. Because of the region where the spike expands, then it appears even bigger than the arm. However, it narrowed sharply towards the fist.

Step 7
Draw muscles on the upper torso. From this viewpoint, the most powerful muscles are the pecs. Pay particular attention to their form. The next line, toward the base beneath the chest muscles, is the line of obliques. Below the pectorals, draw the abs. In the vicinity of the arm is the swollen and tense Dorsi drawing its contours as in our illustration.

Step 8
It’s a simple step, in this case, we must draw the belt on the back of the body of Motaro. The lines appear to be very complex but they aren’t that complicated. Try to replicate the pattern with our example.

Step 9
Draw the front pair of hooves from Motaro. As we’ve noted, the shapes are a little similar to human legs, or at the very least the curves of the legs are quite like. Muscles of the knees, thighs, and calf muscles as we can see, mimic the design that human leg muscles take. The shin, however, isn’t becoming narrower as it gets closer to the bottom. It expands and transforms into massive hooves.

Muscles’ lines appear extremely complex and diverse yet it’s not the case. By using just a few strokes, draw the knees. Over the knees, draw the lines of the thigh muscles, and they are also composed of just a few strokes. Below the knee, draw the lines of the calf muscles. Make sure to note spikes that are located close to the hooves.

Step 10
Quite a simple step. We need to remove the guidelines off the part of the torso of Motaro (more specifically than the horse’s part) and then sketch out the outline that the human body. Draw lines that run along the stomach of Motaro. These lines are transforming into patterns on the back which we’ll draw in the final steps. Another point to note is a pattern that is made up of teeth that are long. It runs the width of your body. It is extending closer than the spinal column.

Step 11
Now draw the most powerful weapon of Motaro’s hind legs. A lot of players who have played Mortal Kombat older than 19-20 years can recall how difficult it was to beat this particular character from Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate. Indeed, the hefty and precise hit of hind hooves takes away a lot of lives.

But we digress. Eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from hind hooves and draw the outline of the legs. In the thigh’s interior, draw a few strokes to indicate the tenseness of the muscles in the thigh. Mark the line of spikes and hooves along the legs.

Step 12
Draw another terrible weapon of Motaro the tail. Like the rear hooves, the tail is a game that requires lots of health. The player can also shoot from his tail. It is truly a terrible weapon.

However, drawing the tail is a way that is not too complicated. In fact, it’s essential to attempt to circle around the curve of the tail by using flowing lines that are smooth and smooth. By using short, slightly curving lines, draw patterns on the tail. The lines will get closer as we reach the tip of the tail. At the tip of the tail, draw an arrow-like shape like cutting a portion of an arrow. It is possible to describe the design on the tails of Motaro as very similar to classical Medieval dragon tails.

The lesson we took on drawing Motaro among the more vile villains in the universe of Mortal Combat ended. If you are a fan of the Mortal Kombat universe, visit our lessons on Subzero, Scorpion, and Reptile. Visit our website to learn about the latest drawing lessons, follow us on our social media, and follow us on the pages of the site!

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