How to Draw Morrigan, Morrigan, Darkstalkers

How to Draw Morrigan, Morrigan, Darkstalkers

Step one:

Begin by drawing a circle around the head. Then, draw out the lining to make up the shoulders, arms and torso in the same way. Morrigan has her back straight and straight with a slight arched to her back. The face guide is added and then continue.

Step two:

The first thing you’ll do is sketch the face’s shape before drawing out her hair’s bangs. The bangs appear to be dispersed and slightly pointed.

Step three:

Utilizing the facial guide that you sketched in the first step You will start drawing out the contours of her eyes. You will then draw the eyebrows. The lids on the top of her eyes should be large and strong. Add lashes, and then create simple dots for the mouth and nose.

Step four:

What you’ll be doing this is drawing out Morrigan’s long , straight hair, that’s fluttering through the air. Her hair’s ends are separated in this manner, and the shorter pieces are close to her face.

Step five:

What you need to do is draw out the neck shoulders, neck, and upper part of her torso. These are as well as the contours of her breasts. It is possible to draw in the shape portions of her upper arm, too and draw a line across her arm, which forms part of her upper.

Step six:

Make a sketch of the other breast Make sure it’s big and not small. Morrigan’s character is said to have large breasts. After you’ve finished start drawing the flaps on her top. As you can see, the liner is soft, similar to feathers. You can sketch in lightly the collar bones and the lining of her breasts close to the armpit.

Step seven:

Draw out her left hand and arm in the same way, and make sure you add the point on upper part of her hand, which makes up the part that is in her socks.

Step eight:

You will then do the same thing by drawing the right arm, however like you see, the hand is not visible in the image. Give some the definition of the sock on her arm, then continue to step 9.

Step nine:

It’s almost over, guys only a little to go. Sketch out her body as you can see , the posture is extremely sexual. Be sure that the hips are broad and the leotard is high cut. There’s a heart cut from her top. It’s an opening that exposes the skin.

Step ten:

Then, you’ll be required to draw each set of wings. I’d recommend starting by drawing the smaller wings first, and then notice how they look bat-like in appearance. Draw the small wings to both sides of the head and then draw the demon wings to her back as they are. Eliminate all lines and shapes you created in step one.

Step eleven:

Here’s what your demon princess will look as when you’re done. Then you are free to paint her to make the figure stand out. I hope that you enjoyed creating Morrigan of Darkstalker.

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