Hey, true believers and fans of art. We are continuing to fill the category of “Comics” on our website. In this lesson, we’ll discuss drawing Morbius from the Marvel Universe.

Step 1
We begin by sketching out the head as an oval (it will be the head of our character). On top of this oval, draw a long line — it will be the spine and neck of Morbius. This line should be sketched out the pelvis and thorax. With simple lines, sketch out the legs and arms.

Step 2
In this stage, we’ll take the volume into consideration and include flesh on Morbius’s body. Morbius. Draw the neck in the shape of an oblong. Then, draw a line around the torso. It widens in the shoulders and tapers to the waist. Draw the legs and arms using the aid of cylinders and circles, as shown in the photo below the text.

Step 3
Let’s get to the final elements. In the horizontal line of the previous step, draw large eyes and brows with frowns. Just under the eyes, draw out a high-upturned nose and a wide mouth that has sharp teeth.

Step 4
Continue drawing the head with great detail. Draw out the contours of hair. Then, draw the lines of the jaw and a tiny beard on the cheeks. Don’t forget to draw some wrinkles on the face and the lines that define the cheekbones.

Step 5
Then, draw out a tall collar (similar to the collar worn by Dracula). Dracula). Then, draw the outline of the pectoral muscle’s broad outlines and the cubes of abdominal muscles. Draw the outline of the torso. Remove any unnecessary lines.

Step 6
Let’s now move to the arm muscles of Morbius. Make sure you draw the contours of the large deltoid muscles. Draw out the biceps, triceps, and bicep muscles in the forearm. For more information about hand, muscles learn drawing hand drawings on our site. This is the same method used to sketch the Webbed bat wings inside the armpits.

Step 7
The next step is for us to trace the lower section of the Morbius body. In continuation with the lines drawn on the back of your torso, draw the pelvis and the belt. Draw out the outline of the knees, quadriceps, and calf muscles of the legs. Make folds on your shorters and remove all useless guidelines from the body.

Step 8
We now need to create shadows. In this lesson, as you see, we used two types of shadows like comic artists. The darkest parts will be shaded with the aid of clear and dark areas of shadows. Meanwhile, more light-colored shadows can be created using the aid of thick hatching.

In this fun lesson, we’ve shown the students the art of drawing Morbius from the Marvel Universe. In the final lesson, we’d like to offer some suggestions that we believe will be helpful in our opinion. The initial two steps should be drawn with very delicate lines, which are nearly transparent however, in the third step, you should use darker lines or ink (as comic artists do). If you’re looking to know more about drawing the human body (in particular, the body of the superhero) check out the video tutorial on drawing the body of Dr. Manhattan.

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