How To Draw Mona Lisa with Pencil -

How To Draw Mona Lisa with Pencil

How To Draw Mona Lisa with Pencil

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

The process of starting is easy. The only thing you have to do is sketch a circle of mona Lisa’s head shape , and then, add facial contours. Then create a neckline, and connect it on the head shape.

Step 2
Utilize these facial guidelines to gently draw the contours of her eye piercings. The eyes of her aren’t completely open and therefore her eyelids are also visible. Draw her eyeball and then shade the pupil like you can see here. Also, you’ll need to draw the outline of her nose and, of course, the Mona Lisa’s smile.

Step 3
Let’s define her face as an oblong. As you can see, she has a slightly lower the chin. Once the outline of her face is drawn out, it is now time to start drawing a sketch of the long, straight locks to the left side. After that, outline the front hairline and the hairline on the right. In the end, outline the form that her neck has.

Step 4
The sketch will get more complicated as you progress into the next steps. Be patient to follow these steps. The majority part of Mona Lisa hairstyle as you will see. Make sure you outline the length of her hair and flow of style. After that, you can begin drawing with some shading on the top of her eyes, and then beneath her nose. Sketch the first lines of her clothing.

Step 5
It’s almost over with this sketch. The process is fairly simple all you need to do is draw the lining of the shawl. It is important that you outline the folds, and keep it neat in both directions.

Step 6
Now, you can begin all the shading that has to be completed to create an impressive sketch. However, before you begin it is necessary to begin erase all guidelines and the shapes you sketched in the first step. Start by drawing her face. across the other face side, and then the eyes. Find her famous smile and cheeks. Include some shading beneath her chin and on her shoulders, as shown here.

Step 7
This is how you’ll see your Mona Lisa will look like after you’ve finished. You can paint her as you’d like. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial in “how to draw Mona Lisa step by step”.

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