We sketched nearly all of the less famous characters in The Simpsons series. However, the drawing tutorials on the characters from this iconic show would not have been complete without Moe Barman, who was the owner of Moe’s Tavern. So, let’s start with the drawing tutorial on drawing Moe Szyslak.

Step 1
First sketch out an image that consists of a head and neck, as well as a torso. We’ll use delicate lines.

Step 2
Then, draw the arms that are folded over the chest, and the legs that are long. Light lines are utilized in this step.

Step 3
Let’s draw the particulars. We draw half-closed eyes and a snub-nose.

Step 4
Draw the dots-pupils. wrinkles that are under the eyes and around the nostrils as well in the shape of dots.

Step 5
Make a sloping face, curly hair like broccoli, and a tiny ear.

Step 6
Then draw a wide and unsatisfied mouth. Finally, draw an extremely short neck.

Step 7
An easy step that requires us to tie an appropriate collar and bow tie.

Step 8
Draw the outline for the body’s upper part with short sleeves, and hands folded over the chest.

Step 9
Another easy step is that you draw the rag as well as the lower portion of an apron.

Step 10
The final step of the guide on the drawing of Moe Szyslak where you draw legs.

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