How to Draw Moana

In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show what to draw Moana. The fearless Disney princess from the tale has been a huge hit. Therefore, let’s draw her!


Step 1

We can see a tiny teenager. We draw out the shape of the chest, head, and pelvis. the pelvis must be wider and longer than the chest.




Step 2

This will allow us to define the elements of Moana’s posture. By using sticks, we draw the legs and arms of our character. The arms are represented with two angles of various sizes The legs appear as two straight lines, with an occasional bend in the middle.




Step 3.

The next step is to add some minor details. This is why we create our outline of the lower section of the female’s body using the same shapes we created in the previous step. We draw two intersecting lines within the contours of the head. The horizontal line is used to show us the position that the eye. The line is just below the center of the eye.




Step 4

In this section, we sketch the outline for the arm. The shoulder joint as well as the fist is a large round figure. the forearm and shoulder are shaped like cylinders with gentle tapering.




Step 5

This is the final step to drawing the outline of the character’s silhouette. In this section, we draw the lines of the powerful muscles of the legs.




Step 6

Have you noticed that big expressive eyes are getting popular, not just in anime animations? Numerous studios employ this method. Disney is not an exception. Their characters have always got beautiful eyes and big eyes. Let’s draw the outline of our heroine’s eye in this step.




Step 7

In this stage, we will draw a wide nose and a beautiful smile. We will also sketch out the final contours of the oval face and lightly sharpen the lower portion of the shape.




Step 8

Moana is a beautiful woman with gorgeous hair. Let’s draw the outline of her hair’s long length, which has been shifted slightly in the direction of the winds. It is evident that we’re taking a short and wave-like path.




Step 9

Draw a tiny medallion and the fabric over the body. It’s like a regular top, with a wavy edge.




Step 10

In this stage, we’ll draw the final outline of the forearms and shoulders. The forearms must have an even taper towards the hands. Avoid sharp bends and too broad curves.




Step 11

The upper legs and the lower body are covered by an extended skirt. The skirt is fitted with an attached belt and an opening over the top. The hem is fringe. Let’s draw it.




Step 12

Moana is an islander. She runs and swims frequently, so she is athletically built. Therefore, let’s draw the legs of our heroine in this step.




Step 13

The mistakes that are made must be corrected at the moment, because once coloring, can be very difficult.




Step 14

We can now color our drawings. Most likely, you’ll recall the colors that were the foundation of Moana’s clothing aren’t you? Do not forget black hair, green eyes, and dark skin that is tanned. Make more dark hues of every shade in order to paint tiny shadows.




This is a step-by-step guide on drawing Moana. We’re eager to hear your comments through the feedback. We’re also looking forward to your feedback and messages about the problems that occurred during the drawing lesson.

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