Hey, comics fans. The 3DVKARTS team welcome you to the drawing class on drawing Mister Sinister from Marvel. Mister Sinister, the real name is Nathaniel Essex, a character who is a supervillain in Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics universe, created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri.

Step 1
The first step is to typically sketch the skeleton of the character so as not to have any issues with proportions in the future. In the beginning, we created a sketch of the head in the shape of an oval. Then, we sketch the spine in the shape of an easy line. Then, draw the chest in the upper region as well as the pelvis in the lower section.

Step 2
Draw a neck outline as the torso and cylinder with a broad shoulder girdle as well as a narrow waist. Then, using the aid of circles, draw the muscles of the deltoid. Then, draw the outline of the lower and upper arms as well as the fists. Draw the pelvis triangle beneath the torso. Then, draw outlines of the legs as they taper at the ankles and knees. knees are drawn in the shape of normal circles.

Step 3
In the third step, we typically draw the basics. This one will be a one-off. Start with the top, and draw the outline of the hairstyle as well as facial features. Then sketch out a tall collar (similar to the Morbius collar) and long strips of fabric behind the back. After the step, draw the outline of high boots, gloves, and a rhombus at the center of the chest.

Step 4
In this next step, we’ll work on the last details. And, as usual, begin from the top, and then move to the bottom. Draw out the outline for the haircut. Just below, draw the eyes nose, mouth, and eyes. Then, draw the outline of the jawbones and cheekbones. Don’t forget to draw a few wrinkles around the face, and a tiny beard on the cheeks.

Step 5
Utilizing dark and clear lines, trace the contour of the torso. It like we’ve said previously is quite wide at the shoulders, and narrower at the waist. Draw the pectoral muscles that are wide and the abdominal muscles and the rest of the specifics of the costume as shown in the image below.

Step 6
Let’s now move on to Mr. Sinister’s arms. The first step is to draw out the big as well as round muscles of the deltoid. Also, draw out the outline of the gigantic biceps as well as the triceps. Below, sketch out forearm muscles, which taper towards the wrists. Draw hands using gloves (to know more about hands, check out the tutorial on drawing fingers).

Step 7
The next step is drawing the lower portion of Mister Sinister’s body. Draw out the form that the pelvis has. Then, draw carefully the outline of the legs as well as the high boots. Remove all guidelines that are not needed and fold them as in our illustration.

Step 8
Continue with the drawing tutorial for drawing Mister Sinister. It’s now a difficult step. We’ll need to trace all the stripes on Mister Sinister’s back.

Step 9
We now need to draw the lines longitudinally over the costume and the shadows. Shadows comprise two distinct parts. The darkest and most dense shadows appear as large black areas. Less dark shadows have to be drawn using hatching. Remember that you can sketch out the sketch using an eraser or liner, and then apply paint to it.

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