How To Draw Minotaur Step by Step -

How To Draw Minotaur Step by Step

How To Draw Minotaur Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions are below.

Step 1
We begin, as we do the other drawing lessons: with the figure of a man made of lines and circles. The primary difference between this and the human figure is that at this point the head will be round instead of oval. The rest of them do the same routine drawing the body and head in extremely thin lines. In this example, it is holding an Ax and is walking toward us, but you can pick any position.

Step 2
This is where we increase the volume of the minotaur’s silhouette. Create simple geometric shapes that outline the hands, torso, and legs. First, draw those lines that define the symmetry on the face (the vertical and horizontal lines meet at the center of the facial area) and outline the muzzle by drawing the shape of a circle.

Step 3
Let’s make some more details about the face of the minotaur. The sides of the face draw the large ears and horns. Utilize the horizontal lines across your face for drawing pupils and eyes. On the muzzle, draw mouths and nostrils.

Step 4
Remove the guides of the face. Draw the lines of ears, horns, and other facial expressions. Make some wrinkles on the face. You can also add accessories, like earrings.

Step 5
This is where we draw the arms. Take away any guides that are on the arm. Sketch the line of arms and lines of muscles. Draw the fingers, hands as well as knuckles of the hands. In this step, draw the battle axe.

Step 6
Draw big breasts. Draw a few lines of muscles in the pecs. The lines of the body need to be hairy, just like in our illustration.

Step 7
Make the leg lines. In all books or computer games, minotaurs sport loincloths. Draw it as we did in our illustration. Be aware of the shape of the legs need to be hairy.

Step 8
Make the lines for muscles. Draw stripes of fabric across the back of your shin. Draw the nails and toes. The same fur outline we sketched in our instruction on drawing the outline of a werewolf.

Step 9
This is where we create the drop shadow. The first step is to determine the source of light. In our case, the light is coming from the upper right. Therefore, add shadows on the other side. Lines of light trace the shadows’ contours. Use the shimmer paint. Draw shadows.

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