Marvel Comics for its entire history has made hundreds and thousands of villains and heroes. In the list are characters well-known characters such as Spider-Man as well as Wolverine as well as less popular characters, like Mimic. We’re going to demonstrate what it takes to draw Mimic of Marvel.

Step 1
When drawing a person start with the skeleton of the human. This is the standard male skeleton. In the beginning, we sketch the head in the shape of a circle, and the spine as a result of a straight line. Then, we sketch the thorax and pelvis drawn on the same line as the spine. Then, at the end of the process, we draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Then, we draw lines that cross the face using which the features on the face are drawn. Then, we add a volume of the body. Mimic by using simple geometric designs. The first step is to draw the neck and torso, which are inserted through the pelvis. Then, draw legs and arms are drawn in simple geometric forms. After the procedure, we draw wings on the back of our heroes.

Step 3
Make sure to draw angular glasses and then at the top of your head. Then draw the mouth and nose. When you have completed the process, draw the outline of the face. Then, remove all guidelines that are not needed from the face that characterizes us.

Step 4
We can now begin creating details for your character’s body. Take care to draw the outline of your neck and pectoral muscles as well as the outline of the body. Then, remove any unnecessary lines from the torso, and then sketch out the details on the outfit.

Step 5
With the aid of dark and clear lines, trace the outlines of the arms that are large. The outlines are drawn of the biceps, deltoids the forearm muscles, and triceps. After that, draw large palms and the specifics of the costume, and eliminate all lines of the upper body.

Step 6
Let’s repeat the same procedure, only with the lower portion of the body mimicked. With the aid of the dark and clear lines carefully sketch out the outline of the legs as well as the muscles in the legs. Take away any unnecessary guidelines from the legs and draw an outline for the dress legs.

Step 7
Then draw the outlines of the long wings of our superhero. Draw the outline of the wings as we have seen in our illustration. Let’s now move on to the final step of the lesson on drawing Mimic in Marvel.

Step 8
In this stage (according to the customs) we draw shadows. Draw the outline of the shadows, and then paint them in black. In order to create transitions between light and shadow using simple hatching.

Mimic is not a well-known character (at least in comparison to characters like Cyclops or Hulk) however, a lot of our readers have wanted us to demonstrate how to draw Mimic. If you would like to see new characters featured on our website and you have a suggestion, please let us know about it in the comments of this article or on our social media pages.

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