A very intriguing person from Simpsons can be Milhouse Van Houten, Bart Simpson’s most beloved friend. One of the most notable characteristics of Milhouse is his severe hyperopia (highlighted by his small eyes) as well as his thick glasses and massive nose. Additionally, Milhouse is one of the very few residents of Springfield with eyebrows. Let’s begin our lesson on drawing Milhouse.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a stomach in the shape of an arc. Then you draw the torso and neck using a large head.

Step 2
Then we sketch out Milhouse’s legs and arms using very simple and light lines.

Step 3
Let’s begin drawing the particulars. Draw eyes with round shapes in glasses, dots – pupils, and a typical large nose.

Step 4
In this way, we can create a more substantial glass by using several additional lines.

Step 5
Move up then draw an eyebrow, thick eyebrows, and hair that is Milhouse.

Step 6
We conclude the head of Milhouse by drawing a mouth as well as a neck that is thin, as can be seen in the illustration beneath this article.

Step 7
Let’s start with the body. Draw out the outline of the torso and the short sleeves.

Step 8
Draw the hands. Remember that every single one of the Simpson characters has four fingers on their hands.

Step 9
A simple process where we have to make long shorts by drawing only a few lines.

Step 10
This is the final step in which we draw the legs and round shoes of Milhouse Van Houten.

The lesson on drawing Milhouse was at a conclusion. As we mentioned in the other lessons we have given about the Simpsons characters, we truly are awestruck by this series. In spite of the fact that this show is going through some not-so-great times, we believe that it can be back to its glory days in the 90s.

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