Hello, dear artists! We will be showing you how we draw Mikey Munroe in Bunsen Is a Beast. Bunsen Is a Beast, a new animated series, tells us a story about a monster named Bunsen and Mikey Munroe.

Step 1
It starts with Mickey’s strange hair, and then it looks like an amoeba.

Step 2
Draw the head and torso of a bean or minion.

.Step 3
Draw the eyes in the form of ovals. Draw the rectangular pupils inside the eyes. Do not forget to draw your eyebrows.

Step 4
Draw the mouth with your tongue and teeth. Draw the nose, ears, and freckles.

Step 5
Draw Mickey’s arms just below the moth. Draw a short sleeve at the top of each arm.

Step 6
Next, draw the legs. Next, draw the legs.

Step 7
We just need to draw vertical lines at the torso, and on the shoes.

This drawing tutorial on Mikey Munroe of Bunsen Is a Beast has ended. This lesson is actually part of our lessons on drawing cartoon characters, like Blazing Samurai or Captain Underpants.

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