How To Draw Mickey And Minnie Step by Step -

How To Draw Mickey And Minnie Step by Step

How To Draw Mickey And Minnie Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Make two circle shapes to represent their heads and then put guides to the faces. Then draw wireframes to these bodies.

Step 2
Enjoy yourself and begin drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth. You can see that Mickey also has an eye. After you’ve finished this and you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 3
Okay, now sketch each of Mickey as well as Minnie’s head. The faces of the two are round as are their ears. After drawing them, you are able to go on the fourth step. Find out how simple to draw Mickey or Minnie!

Step 4
Paint the face frame’s liner in black. The next thing to create a huge bow around Minnie’s face and then apply pretty long lashes. Then draw her nose, mouth, and begin to line her torso and shoulders with puffy lashes. Draw Mickey’s mouth , and then trace the body’s outline.

Step 5
What I’m asking you to draw here is the rest of the Minnie’s outfits including an adorable summer dress, after which draw his gloved hands into his pocket and finally his pants. The thighs of his signature have two buttons that are the same size and shape as his eyes.

Step 6
Draw black pupils for both eyes. Then add some details to the bow of Minnie. You’ll then draw Minnie’s feet with a noodle pattern as well as Mickey’s feet. the top portion of his shoes.

Step 7
You’re now at the point of drawing Mickey or Minnie. Draw her shoes, then draw his shoes. Remove the lines and designs you sketched in step one.

Step 8
You’re done with this drawing as it’s been cleaned. It’s time to have an amazing time as you begin drawing Mickey and Minnie together.

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