How To Draw Michael Jordan Step by Step -

How To Draw Michael Jordan Step by Step

How To Draw Michael Jordan Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Begin this process by sketching a simple stick figure similar to the one illustrated here. Then, you will use this sketch to make the Jumpman logo, which is the silhouette that represents Michael Jordan and his famous aerial leap.

Step 2
To complete the second step the next step is to sketch out the design of the head. Then, apply the pencil to the right left side of the drawing to sketch out the outline of Michael Jordan’s arm as well as his basketball. Then sketch the left hand and arm as shown here, before drawing the right side of his torso.

Step 3
Then, you’ll outline the shape of the left hand and arm and then begin drawing the left-hand portion of the body as well as the waist. Continue to line to create a leg-like shape, and then sketch out his boots, which is likely the shape of a Nike Air Jordan. Repeat the process on the other portion of your body.

Step 4
This is the final drawing step . All you need to do is to close the leg shapes. Complete the sneakers and then draw the lining of between his legs. Remove the guides that you traced in step one. Move forward to see how your drawing depicts of Michael Jordan would look like.

Step 5
Here is an image of the legend basketball player. The logo can be colored in any color you want, and apply the completed drawing to any object you like. I hope you have fun through this lesson about “how to draw Michael Jordan” in his Jumpman logo.

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