How to Draw Mew Zakuro

How to Draw Mew Zakuro

Step one:

Create the guidelines to Mew’s figure. It is comprised of three forms one to cover the head. There is another for the upper part of her body, and another one for the lower section in her physique.

Step two:

The head and face in a comprehensive manner through the use of the face guide to determine the face’s structure. After that, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Now you can sketch out her hair beginning with her bangs. Draw all the hair’s length and then proceed to step three.

Step three:

Draw the ears into the drawing and then add details inside the ears. You can draw the outline of her neck. Finally, sketch out an outline for her figure beginning with her legs, back, shoulders and chest.

Step four:

Now draw the rest of her arm. and then trace the chest, the stocking line along the thigh and draw a line or outline of the upper portion of her body that is her clothes.

Step five:

Now draw your legs that are bent to the chest. The boots are high to the thighs as well as the heel is semi-thick. Put lining on in the upper part of the boot, and continue to step 6.

Step six:

The final drawing stage, all you need to do is draw her puffy, dense tail. Make sure to erase your mistakes and all the guidelines before proceeding.

Step seven:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. You can now color the image of Mew Zakuro before going.

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