How to Draw Merida with Pencil

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.


Step 1

Begin with the head, body and outline the face guides.

Step 2

This step will allow you to outline Merdia’s face. You will not be able to see all of the possibilities.

Step 3

Next, draw her large eyes using the face guides. For long, beautiful lashes, this primer must be thick. You can also add the bridge to her nose.

Step 4

After the eye base is drawn in, add real eyeballs to complete them. Draw the pupil and then shade in the eyebrow. Do not forget to draw the eyebrows and the line between the eyes.

Step 5

You just need to draw Merida’s nose, then her mouth and lips. Her lips are so expressive.

Step 6

You know Merida has beautiful curly hair. Let’s start by drawing her hair. We will begin with the curls that frame and frame her face. Draw two loose curls around her forehead.

Step 7

Keep your hair long, curly, and full-bodied. Merida’s hair is very thick so don’t make it look too long.

Step 8

You can now draw on her neck, then your shoulders and arms.

Step 9

You can draw just a line across her chest. As you can see, it is not too complicated. You can add a neckline to the dress and then draw lines in her back.

Step 10

The final step of the drawing process is easy. To give Merida’s hair texture, add all the curls. Add a section to the scalp. You should take your time and make her look beautiful. Include instructions and erase any mistakes.

Step 11

Here’s an example of the realistic Merida from Brave. Color her in, people.



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