A new drawing course on drawing MegaMan is available now. As you may know, MegaMan is the main character of old-fashioned game consoles and anime.


Step 1
We will outline the fundamental proportions and position. The head is slightly larger and less than the body, but the two figures are similar in appearance. It is important to note that the head should slightly overlap the body. The arm closest to us will appear to be smaller than the arm behind.


Step 2
Take care to draw the arms like we did in our illustration (yes it is important to be drawn carefully) and draw out rounded contours. Make sure to note that the front arm must not be a finger, and there are weapons.

Step 3
It’s apparent that the persona is pretty straightforward, however, there are plenty of dangers. Let’s draw the legs. The thighs are about equal to the size of the upper arms, but the lower legs are significantly larger.


Step 4
We’ve got an analogy to the Mega Man. Let’s get started on the head. Draw a few simple, yet very important lines across the face. These two lines separate facial features into four pieces. Draw out the outline that will form the outline of the helmet.

Step 5
Continue your drawing lessons with MegaMan. Draw the contours that the head. On the edges of the helmet draw headphones. In the middle of the helmet, draw rectangular elements.

Step 6
Draw the eyes. One of the most important aspects of the eyes is that they are big and elongated vertically (as they are in almost every animated film), and take up most of the distance between the top side of the head and the horizontal line in front. The pupils are extremely close to one another.

Step 7
If you’ve completed the face, you must take a look at what we’ve got. The general rule is that it’s very easy. And take away all rules from your head.

Step 8
Draw your lines. Draw the gun in the illustration. You will recall that this gun comes with a distinct type of charge. If you’re looking to draw the typical gun, check out the tutorial on drawing the gun.

Step 9
The shadows here are very simple. Light hits us on the left side, so you must shade the areas on the right. It is first necessary to draw the contours of our shadows and add hatching to the contours.

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