A while ago, we began drawing classes on the characters from the show Family Guy. We’ve already drawn every main character with the exception of Meg Griffin. However, today we’ll correct this problem by presenting a tutorial on drawing Meg Griffin.

Step 1
For the first time begin, we’ll draw oval eyes and the nose of our character.

Step 2
With large circles, draw large glasses. Then, draw lines for pupils and eyelids inside the eyes.

Step 3
We now rise a bit higher and draw the cap. Then, we shift to the lower part of our body and draw the lips.

Step 4
The head is drawn by drawing hair, the outlines of the face, and the thin neck.

Step 5
Then, using curving lines, draw the shoulders’ outlines and sleeves that are short.

Step 6
Gently pull the arms as well as the lower portion of Meg Griffin’s Tee-shirt from Meg Griffin.

Step 7
Let’s begin with the lower part of our body. In this case, we will draw our pants out by using long lines.

Step 8
The final and simplest step where we have to take off the shoes.

In other words, the majority of the minor or no-name characters from The Family Guy are drawn. It’s been a long process but you can learn to draw them all by visiting our site. If we didn’t recognize your favorite character and you’d like to see it featured on the web pages of our site and you want to tell us about it, please write us about it.

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