How to Draw Medusa -

How to Draw Medusa

How to Draw Medusa

The mythology of Greece is filled with many amazing heroes and monsters, which continue to capture our imagination to this day. Medusa is perhaps the most terrifying of all these characters!

The monstrous creature can transform a person into stone by looking into her eyes. Learning how to draw Medusa can be both difficult and enjoyable due to her unique design.

This guide will help you to focus on the fun aspects of drawing.

We hope you find this guide helpful.

How to Draw Medusa Step-By-Step

1st Step:

We will start with Medusa’s face to begin this guide. You may think she looks like a normal woman at this stage.

First, we will draw her eyes with thick lines. Next, draw a small circle with a dot inside.

We will then use rounded, but angular, lines for her eyebrows. This will give her an intense expression.

Next, draw two small curves for the bridge of the nose. You can then draw the nostrils and sides a little below.

You can then draw her mouth, which will be slightly lowered to give her an intense expression. Next, draw her facial outline.

2nd Step:

We already mentioned that Medusa’s head is full of living snakes, so we’ll draw one of them for your Medusa drawing.

We will keep her snake hair symmetrical for both sides. You can do this by keeping in mind when you draw the first two snakes.

For their curving bodies, draw some curves and finish by adding their faces to the ends.

In the next few steps we will add a lot more snakes on her head, so let’s get moving!

3rd Step:

This step of is the most intimidating. We will be adding many snakes to her head. We will take it slowly and it is not as difficult as it seems.

This step is easiest if you start from one side and then draw a line parallel to the reference image.

There are many twisty lines that connect the bodies to the heads of snakes. It’s important to make sure they do so in a logical manner.

After you’ve completed the one-side of the head of snakes you can make a symmetrical copy for the second side. This side can be copied from the reference image or you can simply mirror your own drawing.

We will continue with step 4 once you are ready.

4th Step:

We added a bunch of snakes to her head in the previous Medusa drawing. Now we will concentrate on her central head.

We will add five snake heads to this section of her skull and twisty bodies to the corresponding ones.

Another step that can seem a little complicated. But if you slow down and refer to the reference image, you’ll be fine.

Next, we will finish the details of the next section.

5th Step:

You have drawn the majority of the snakes you will be adding to this tutorial on how to draw Medusa. Now we will add the last ones.

To surround her with snakes, the remaining snakes will fill in any gaps at her head’s top and bottom. One snake can be drawn from her top, and three from below.

After you have added the last snakes, it’s time to move on to step 3. Be sure to add any additional details you might want before you proceed.

You could draw more of her corpse, or a background that shows some of the victims she turned to stone. What will you do to finish your picture?

6th Step:

We can color her in this last part of our Medusa drawing. We kept her colors muted and darker to match her snake theme.

For her face, we used a liter of green and some darker colors for the snakes. These were the colors we used, but you can use any color you want for your photo!

After you have selected the colors you want for your image you can decide the art tools and media you will use to achieve it.

You can use acrylic paints or colored pens to create more vivid colors. You can also use watercolors or colored pencils to achieve a muted look.

It will look great no matter what you use it for. Have fun and let it all unfold!

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