How To Draw Me Gusta Step by Step -

How To Draw Me Gusta Step by Step

How To Draw Me Gusta Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw a Minecraft Ghast Step by Step

Step 1

Because you’re drawing only the face and head the only thing you need to do is draw circles for Me Gusta and move on to the second step once you’ve sketched lightly according to the guidelines for face.

Step 2

You can simply thicken the shape that you created in the first step. As you draw, make sure the liner is long and has colored protrusions attached to the liner.

Step 3

Draw wrinkles on the forehead, and ensure they’re strong and thick. Make sure you draw thick, thick brows. ensure that the top line of the brows is soft hairs.

Step 4

Draw two gum-sized forms for extremely exaggerated and protruding eyes. After that, draw some large dark circles beneath your eyes, to create a appear even more precise, then draw veins along the eyeballs. Then color in two dots to represent the pupils.

Step 5

All you have to draw here is the nose with a sloping angle, after which draw 2 nostrils. Apply the shading that you can see here, and then draw a color one nostril.

Step 6

For the final step the only thing you have to do is draw lines across your mouth, then make a deep crease and then add shadows on your lips. It is also necessary to draw some expression points such as the cheeks and your chin. Once you’re certain that your face appears great, you can begin making the drawing more professional.

Step 7

Congratulations, you’ve completed your sketching Me Gusta quest. There’s no reason to draw the face, unless you choose to, and other than that you’re done.

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