How to Draw Matilda from The Angry Birds Movie

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Kooky Cookie Step by Step

Step 1

Make a path for the body, in the shape of eggs. Draw in the directions for the face as well as legs.

Step 2

Utilizing the guidelines you just made, slowly or carefully trace the outline of Matilda’s body. It should include the hands and arms and legs.

Step 3

Face drawing is the form of her eyes, as well as the angle of her beak. Include eyelashes that are as tiny as the tips of the eyelash.

Step 4

Make three feathers over her head. Paint her eyebrows, then draw her eyes.

Step 5

Do not forget to draw your chest hair before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6

Then draw your right arm with hairy hair, and then draw the remaining feet and legs. Remove any mistakes and directions.

Step 7

The line art should appear as the drawing you see here. Simply color Matilda then show someone else the drawing you just made the movie The Angry Birds Movie

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