How to draw Master Chief Step by Step || Halo -

How to draw Master Chief Step by Step || Halo

How to draw Master Chief Step by Step || Halo

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


Step 1

It’s going to be a little complicated, so if are looking to make this Halo character correct, you may need to be patient. Begin with a circle for the head and include facial guides. Then, you’ll begin drawing guides to create the left arm and torso, as well as hip or pelvic region followed by the legs. Once you’ve finished, sketch out the outline of the gun.

Step 2
It’s all about sketching out the design and shape of Master Chief’s helmet that’s also one of the character’s most recognizable characteristics. The helmet is extremely detailed and figuring out the details of the helmet’s shape style , and design may take some time. Do it slowly and you’ll be able to get it right.

Step 3
Now, you can begin sketching the exact shape of the left shoulder and arm and the gun’s back. Begin sketching your armor gradually, beginning with the shoulders. When the shoulder is finished then sketch the upper portion of his arm. Also, make sure you draw precisely the lining in order to highlight the entire specifics of his outfit. The armor is cyborg and is quite cool.

Step 4
Continue to sketch the remainder of his left hand and arm, before beginning to sketch the layout of the Master Chief’s gun, as shown here. Master Chief has his BR55 Battle Rifle which I consider to be his preferred weapon however there are different weapons in Halo which he may also use. After the riffle is drawn, you can begin drawing the right hand and arm. Then draw the top part or the body as shown here Pay attention to the finer details and the definition.

Step 5
You’re almost finished with the “how to draw Halo” tutorial. You can continue drawing the armor Master Chief wears at the waist as well as the pelvic region, or crotch. After you’ve finished then you can sketch out the design, shape and style of the armor and legs. Add certain specifics to the gun and also the hand of the Master Chief.

Step 6
The only thing you need to do for this final drawing step is draw the armor and legs as you can see. Eliminate any guides or designs you sketched in step 1 at the highest level of abilities to make your drawing more tidy. Go to the last step to determine the way your Halo character should look.

Step 7
After your “how to draw Halo” tutorial, your character will appear like the one that the image below. Of course, it requires lots of effort to get you to draw properly but with perseverance and practice it is definitely possible to draw. Keep it up! going!

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