How To Draw Mary Step by Step || Virgin Mary

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Japanese Girl with Kimono

Step 1

The first step is to begin in drawing an outline around Mary’s head, and then draw a light outline the face guide.

Step 2

With the shape and liner you’ve created, draw the side of Mary’s face in the same way as. The side curls are hair.

Step 3

Utilizing the facial guidelines that you traced in the first step, begin sketching Mary’s eyes, and the color of her iris as well as color her eyes. Draw this simple nose shape, then keep going.

Step 4

Completely outline her nose, and then draw her mouth. Finally, draw out the creases of her eyelids or lids.

Step 5

Once Mary’s face has been well-drawn it’s time to work on her cape and hood. For her basic hairstyle.

Step 6

Draw the form of her neck, and then draw her collar and finish the shroud. After you’ve sketched Mary as best you can to your ability You can add more detail to the shroud by drawing on folded folds. It’s time to clean up your sketch and finish the sketch.

Step 7

This is the way Our Lady looks like a simple drawing. You can also add shadows or highlight to create a appear authentic if you wish however it could take between 30 and an hour.

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