What is your most cherished character from the animated television show The Simpsons? Our – Martin Prince. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach you what to draw Martin Prince.

Step 1
First, draw out the eyes using the form of circles. Next, draw the pupils and nose as dots.

Step 2
Then go a bit lower, and then draw out the cheeks and mouth of our smart boy.

Step 3
Then, go towards the top of the forehead and make a clean hairstyle, as well as the forehead.

Step 4
The head is finished by drawing cheeks as well as an upper edge to the collar of the polo.

Step 5
Draw the outline of the collar along with the sleeves, and the pocket by using the pencil inside.

Step 6
Then we go a little lower and draw the outline of arms like in our illustration.

Step 7
An easy step that we must draw the edge that runs along the bottom of the polo.

Step 8
We then move slightly lower and draw the outline of arms like in our illustration.

Step 9
Another step is simple that we must follow is to draw the legs as illustrated in the illustration.

Step 10
And then the final part of the course is drawing Martin Prince where you draw the shoes.

Simpsons have been in existence for over 30 years and throughout their existence, on this show, there were a number of characters. We’ll draw every character you’d like to be able to. Please write us your suggestions as it is extremely important to us. In spite of it being true that the Simpsons have since long gone out of the running being the most fun and engaging series We still have the warmest feelings for the show. We would like to honor the series and draw the most intriguing characters from our beloved television series.

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