We are a fan of games that fall into combat, and we’d like to share our love with you.

In the past, we’ve drawn characters like gonad Kazuya Mishima. Today we’ll illustrate one of the most famous fighters from the game – Marshall Law.

The fight games played in the last decade of the century time were a time of good fortune in which in each and every single fighting game there was always a copy of Bruce Lee, that is an individual with a distinct stance in a fight and a distinctive style of fighting known as Wing Chun and with a distinctive voice acting style that was well-known ( Liu Kang and Fei Long, to name a few examples).

Marshall Law is really very like Bruce Lee – look at the hairstyle of Law and his outfits, which are revealed at the beginning of the game for him, specifically, yellow trousers that have black stripes. Let’s get started with the course about the drawing process of Marshall Law.

Step 1
We will be watching a drawing tutorial about drawing Karateka which is why the initial two steps of our lesson today are almost entirely duplicated from the lesson on karate fighting. The first step is to sketch the head and body in the style of Marshall Law, then sketch out the lines of the body. It is important to remember that we draw this step in order to sketch out the proportions and poses that the person portrays.

Step 2
Similar to every drawing lesson, in the second step, we’ll increase the extra dimension of the drawing. However, first, we sketch the basic guidelines for how to draw the head on the Marshall Law – a vertical line of symmetry and eyes on the horizontal line.

Then we sketch the torso, which tapers until the waist. After that, we sketch the arms, drawing them using forms of elongated cylinders. With similar cylinders, sketch the legs. After this step, we draw the feet and hands.

Step 3
The facial markings we made from the previous step, sketch out the eyes, nose mouth, and ears. Draw the outline of the hair. With short lines, sketch the lower portion of the hairstyle that is part of the Law. The hair that we draw in the direction of the roots up to the end.

Step 4
This is where we draw the face of Marshall Law. After we draw a haircut (in a similar direction to in the previous stage) Then draw pupils (look at where they are) then circle the nose and draw lips. Check that the face of the character is exactly like our model. Then, draw wrinkles on the face.

Step 5
The head is in place It’s time to begin working on the body. In this stage, following the instructions in the earlier steps, we’ll draw the core muscles of the body’s torso. The largest of them – pectorals appear like two plates.

The upper lines on these plates are made of horizontal lines drawn by the clavicle. These lines trace these lines the neck muscles.

Below the pectorals are the abdominals and the obliques.

Step 6
In this stage, you draw out the arms for Marshall Law. They are attached to natural, smooth contours and erase the corners. We begin by drawing an outline of the muscles that make up the deltoids. and then perform the same exercises using the forearms and biceps.

Hold the hands and clench them in fists. Try to repeat the posture of the fingers. Don’t forget to pull the bracers.

Step 7
The penultimate stage of this drawing lesson on drawing Marshall Law from Tekken. Here we draw our pants’ contours that cover the legs.

You can clearly see that they’re extremely spacious on top (when you pull the pants up take your time and follow the shape of your legs). Be aware you will notice that pants becoming narrower toward the feet.

Step 8
In the final step, draw circles around the shoes and pants. Draw out the folds on the pants. They are most often in the area of the hips, groin knees, ankles, and knees. Make seams on the pants, and sketch the sole of your shoes. If you’ve done it right then you’ll have a Marshall Law. Marshall Law will have to be something like this:

We hope that everyone who wants to know the art of drawing Tekken or, more specifically the main characters of the fighting game is going to enjoy our drawing tutorial. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media in which there are many objects, announcements of lessons, and other fascinating things!

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