How To Draw Mario and Luigi Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw a Cartoon Backpack Step by Step

Step 1

Start by sketching out the heads. And like you see,, Luigi’s is smaller. Then, draw guide lines for their necks, faces as well as torso and the limbs, as shown here.

Step 2

You can now draw the head’s shape and observe the way Luigi has a head that is balloon-shaped. Once you’re done, create some ear and forms to their noses. Then, we can begin drawing the lines of their shoulders.

Step 3

It’s now an opportunity to create Luigi’s hat Mario Luigi’s face, and Mario’s hat as you can see it here. This includes the nose, eyes, mouth, and mustache. For Mario You will begin drawing his mouth. And for Luigi draw his shirt straps like you can see. And, as drawing their moustache,, be sure that you draw Luigi align with Luigi with Luigi and Mario by waving.

Step 4

You can now draw their faces , such as eyes, eyebrows , and ears. Start drawing their hats. Remember to write their initials in, “M” for Mario and “L” for Luigi. Always Mario will give you the peace signal with his right hand, and we all know that he did this while working on the sequel of his series. Make a few more drawings from Luigi’s jumpers. After you’re finished, you can go on onto the next stage.

Step 5

This is the right moment to end the work of these brothers by removing the body parts that remain. The first thing to begin starting with the arms, and then you can draw the body, torso feet, and legs. Include some details and definitions and then erase all the lines and forms you sketched in the first step.

Step 6

The drawing is finished Now you have two brothers who are in love. I hope you enjoyed making Mario Bros, maybe next time I’ll draw them all. Then color them, and that’s it!

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