How To Draw Marilyn Monroe Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The first step for creating Marilyn Monroe is to draw the head’s shape in an elongated circular shape. You’ll then outline lightly the contours of her face. Then draw a line to her neck, then trace the first shape that her shoulders take.

Step 2
The next step is to begin sketching the complete hairstyle outline as illustrated in the image. When sketching hairline, make use of an outline with serrated lines to make the hair appear authentic. Then, sketch the shape of the upper part to eyes, then sketch the shape and size of her nose. Finally, sketch the contour that her lips are. Make sure to take your time there is no need to hurry. It is also important to create a jawline for her.

Step 3
This is where you’ll sketch her gorgeous eyes and the way they appear slightly open. Marilyn Monroe has gorgeous eyes in her bedroom, so you should attempt to convey this in your drawings. The upper part of her eyelid should be striking and her lashes appear thick. While doing this draw the eyeball away and firmly. Then, draw the fine lines around her nose, and then draw the famous dot that accentuates the facial features of her. Complete the mouth with the remainder of her upper and middle lips. Then, sketch out the shape of her neck and also draw the shape of the left shoulder in the manner illustrated. Draw her collarbone prior to taking this step off.

Step 4
What you have to do is outline and then draw a line over the eyebrows. Start by drawing the outline and ensure you have an arch to the eyebrows. Then, you’ll shade the brows as shown in this picture. After that, apply a brush to the lower lashes before sketching out the teeth. The shoulder detail can be a little more.

Step 5
This is the time to begin sketching very thin hair strands with your drawing tool. Keep doing this until the hair is elegant and lively as it is shown in this image. You can then create shadows on the left side of her nose.

Step 6
Apply more shading on the left side of her face , around her nose, and on the nose’s side. Next, shade the top portion on her left flap. Eliminate all guide lines and shapes that you sketched in step one. Then, you’re done.

Step 7
Here’s how your final Marilyn Monroe sketch will look as when you’re done. You can color her with the color according to your preference or just leave her as an entire sketch of you. This concludes this guide of drawing Marilyn Monroe step by step using Adobe Photoshop 6 drawing software.

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