Marge Simpson – This is today’s drawing tutorial. Before her fateful encounter with Homer Simpson, Marge Bouvier was her name – it was the maiden name her mother gave to her character. Selma and Patty have identical surnames. Their last name “Bouvier” will, apparently, remain with them throughout their lives. How to draw Marge Simpson Learn how to draw Marge Simpson by watching the tutorial!

Step 1
We start by drawing circles of eyes, just like in the other tutorials on drawing Simpsons (for instance how to draw Maggie Simpson). You should draw the eyes in perfect circles. Next, draw the nose like in our example. All characters from Springfield will have the same first steps in drawing tutorials.

Step 2
The second step in this drawing tutorial will outline Marge’s haircut. As in the example, draw it using a wavy line. In the same step, draw the ear in the form of a semicircle. Draw the lines within the ear.

Step 3
Draw the corner of your mouth using a simple line. Draw the lower lip using a narrow-angle. This will allow the neck to move in the back and neck. Draw the pupils within the eyes using two black dots. The eyelashes are drawn at the end.

Step 4
Next, draw Marge Simpson’s torso. First, draw the beads in small circles. Draw the upper line of your dress. Draw the arm. It should look like a bent cylindrical.

Step 5
This is a quick drawing tutorial on how Marge Simpson. We will draw her lower body rather than the lower part. Simply extend the vertical lines and draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the dresses.

Step 6
In the final step of the drawing tutorial, we will draw Marge’s legs. Draw the lower legs in two tapered cylinders. Then, dress your feet in shoes and draw the feet.


The lesson was easy and you all were able to learn how to draw Marge. I hope you enjoyed this drawing lesson. If so, please share it with your friends. We will continue to learn more about drawing the Simpsons.

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