Around the globe, there are numerous musical instruments. Our team decided to develop drawing classes on the most popular and fascinating musical instruments. We’ve sketched the guitar and piano, piano and violin and now it’s time for us to master the art of drawing maracas.

Step 1
The first step is to draw two ovals that are placed on sticks that are vertical. Similar to the two crosses Chupa Chups.

Step 2
The third step in this video tutorial is drawing the handles. Handles must appear smooth, and lightly curled. They should sit comfortably in their hands.

Step 3
We can now remove unnecessary guides from the earlier steps. The result should be as shown in the following image.

Step 4
Let’s now create patterns for maracas to decorate. You can select patterns according to your preferences.

Step 5
A few shadows of light will give our drawing more authenticity and completeness.

As you’ll see that this lesson was quite easy to follow. The instruction on drawing maracas consisted of just a few basic steps, and we are hoping that our readers were capable of completing this instruction. In case you’re still not signed up to us on Pinterest and you are not sure why, don’t forget to sign up now, as we have published the short versions of all of our drawing lessons.

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