How to Draw Mangle From Five Nights at Freddys

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Eyes In Pencil Step by Step

Step 1

Create a shape that will guide the face. Draw an outline your lower jaw. Draw the outline of the face too.

Step 2

The appearance of the face, or its top. Make sure that the cheeks are not sloping upwards for a coat that resembles a plastic fox.

Step 3

Utilize the guide lines to draw an eye-shaped form and a muzzle.

Step 4

Draw points around the eyes and then draw in eyeslids and eyelashes along with an eyeball.

Step 5

Draw circles across the cheeks, creating a blush then draw the mouth and nose.

Step 6

Mangle is working wonderfully do you not think? We will draw the ears of Mangle, and then draw all unconnected, loose wires.

Step 7

The inner ear shows only the skin within the ears in a rabbit ear fashion.

Step 8

We’re nearly finished drawing Mangle. What we need to draw is the jawline of lower, and form the gum line.

Step 9

This is where you draw your teeth in an angled cone. Make a lipstick-like shape to the bottom of the lip, then draw a line that follows that left-hand jawline. Make sure to erase your mistakes, then you’re finished.

Step 10

This is the line art of Mangle. I hope you enjoy it. Make sure to showcase your work at home and on the internet.

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