How To Draw Manga Girl Style

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw a Goose Step by Step

It is the first thing to determine the most prominent. Human body is divided into three components: head, legs, and torso. In manga, his head is larger as are the eyes (this is the most significant aspect in this type of style). Draw a big circle. draw the eye’s height and then we can draw the jawline, which is the height of the mouth, nose and ears.

Step 2
To determine the shape of the body to define the body, we’ll focus on the hips. It is clear the main joints are the hips and neck that allow view and body’s shape to be defined. Once the torso is identified, the arms will perform what they are supposed to the following: elbow, shoulder wrist, hand and shoulder. Manga style, slim arms and delicate hands.

Step 3
It is a simple matter to define from the your hips to your feet, and then from the groin to knee, ankle, and finally foot. In this instance, it is only up to the knees. The legs are thin and appear fragile.

Step 4
Start the step definition now. Start with the face. The eyes should be large with a round shape, however, you shouldn’t define the face completely because then we’ll use the color. A nose can be described as a tiny barely noticeable location. The mouth isn’t actually about its axis that runs across the face, however manga often uses the term “small size” or “wrong appearance” to create different types of effects. They can be here or there, based on the kind. The strokes must be smooth and neat.

Step 5
To draw hair, we’ll start at the end of the line. We’ll create some yarns. As we get away from the head, the yarns will not be as distinct, since they’ll be a reflection of the shade. Long hairs gain motion and dynamism.

Step 6
In reality, this step isn’t required. It is not necessary “nekogirls” are very well-known inside the sleeves and provide more innocence and sweetness. It’s simple, simply define the ear and the point of the tail. considering the beginning point, and marking this spot it is possible to create the look we’d like.

Step 7
The time is now to sew clothes. Anyone can tailor it according to your preferences. Be aware that clothing that is closer in relation to your body. with fewer folds, and is looser, more pleated. Be aware that the direction in which the folds is determined by the posture on the back of your body. There are no tricks that are unique to this.

Step 8
After we’ve established the body, it’s now time to tidy up the contours. Which program should we use? Personally, I suggest PAINT TOOL SAI which is a well-known program used by mangakas to create their artbooks. The design of this program is easier to understand as well as the line lines much clearer and you can also apply A. Photoshop, I recommend you choose.

Step 9
The coloring process is typically done using tiny hard shadows and gradients. This give the base color and create shadows based according to the direction light. The most crucial characteristic is the manga-style eyes. The first one is to base in a basic color, and create shadows and pupils. The second is to create shadows and pupils. we’ll apply the gradient over the darker shade in order to give an illusion of depth. Another step involves the brightness. There is usually a bigger one at the top , and smaller ones on the bottom. This is based on the direction of light which is in this instance from the left side, which means the intensity will be from this angle. This is how we can draw our own drawing of a figure in the manga style.

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