HOW TO DRAW MALE EYES team will guide you step-by-step through drawing male eyes.

All people are unique, and all eyes can be different. Although there may not be much difference between male and female eyes, in reality, there are some techniques that can help you draw them more convincingly.

This lesson will teach you how to draw the male eye.

Step 1

Although eyes may look very different, the process for drawing male eyes is the same as drawing other eyes. Begin by drawing a line vertically that divides the face into two equal parts. To avoid any confusion regarding the proportions, draw a horizontal line. It is usually drawn through the middle of the eye, but we chose to draw it below.


Step 2

Draw the upper eyelids using smooth lines. Don’t forget to draw the upper eyelids with smooth lines. You can read our eye anatomy article for artists to better understand how to draw eyes.




Step 3

Draw the lower eyelids using the same smooth lines. It is important that you draw the outline of the lacrimal canal. This will make your male eye drawings look natural and more convincing.


Step 4

With a few smooth lines, draw the inner edges of the lower eyelids. The thickness of the eyelids must be shown in the image. To achieve naturalness, it is important to draw large eyelids like the one in the example.


Step 5

Let’s now draw the pupils. Draw the outline of the irises. They are slightly obscured by the eyelids. The irises will be more visible the larger the eye section. Draw the pupils in two circles. Place the pupils in the middle of the irises.


Step 6

The eyes are actually balls within cavities. This step is to draw the outline of the eye sockets visible below the skin. To get the best proportions, make sure to compare all details and folds. Don’t forget to erase any construction lines in the male eye drawing.


Step 8

To increase the realism and volume of your male eye drawings, add shadows. Use hatching carefully to shade the pupils and then the irises. Next, draw shadows in the darkest parts and then gradually move to lighter areas. To define the lashes, darken the upper lid lines. To indicate highlights, erase small circles at the junctions of the pupils & irises.


Remember that your eyes are balls. This means they should be drawn like balls. Remember that each eyelash should be drawn separately. It will look unnatural and strange.

Remember that light reflects slightly differently in the lower eye than it does in the upper. This means that you should make the lower portion of your pupil and iris lighter than the upper.


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