How to Draw Male Anime & Manga Eyes

This step-by-step guide provides the details for drawing anime male eyes or manga eyes. We will go over some of the most common features of manga.


Drawing male anime eyes step by step

Specifics Common to Male Anime Eyes

The eyes of males who are older tend to be drawn more narrow than the eyes of young characters (bigger and more rounded eyes may make characters appear younger). The eyes of younger male characters are typically drawn similar to or identical to the eyes that of women.

This tutorial will concentrate on drawing eyes for a man of adulthood (age between 20-30 years old).).

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Placing Anime Male Eyes on the Head

Placing male anime eyes on the head

To place anime-style eyes onto the face, draw a horizontal line in between the two sides of your head. Then create the eye below the line. Eyes drawn by real eyes are drawn directly over that line or even higher however, anime eyes are usually located lower.

If you’re drawing squinted eyes, it is possible to draw them slightly farther down than the halfway line because the upper part of the eyes will get covered with lids.

The guidelines for placement can alter based on the fashion. If you’re looking for an authentic look, you might want to position your eyes higher up, just like real eyes.

Drawing Anime Male Eyes

Anime male eyes drawing steps

To space, the eyes, place them in a way that another eye could pass through them.


Draw the eyebrows following drawing the eyes. Typically, eyebrows tend to be a little wider than the eyes.

If you want, you can give some hints at the top of the upper part. The more realistic anime styles usually show eyes while more simplistic styles do not.

After drawing all the main shapes of the eyes, draw the details inside of the eyes.

Drawing a Male Anime Eye Step by Step

Anime male eyes detailed breakdown

If you intend be drawing both eyes, then you must draw both eyes simultaneously. Make each drawing for each eye prior to proceeding to the next one.

Step 1 – Shape of The Eye

Anime male eye outer shape

Draw the overall form of your eye. The eye’s outline will be the eyelashes.

As mentioned previously, Male characters’ eyes (especially those who are older) typically appear more narrow than the eyes of female characters.

Step 2 – Iris

Anime male eye iris

In anime, the pupils are typically represented as ovals (though sometimes, they may be drawn as round, like realistic eyes). As you can see, in this particular image, the majority part of the pupils are obscured by the lids of the eyes.

Step 3 – Pupil

Anime male eye pupil

The pupil should be drawn close to the form of the iris but smaller and more narrow.

Step 4 – Shadow

Anime male eye drop shadow

There are usually shadows on the top of the eye or reflections of the eyelashes, making the top of the eyes darker. It is possible to mark the eye area and shade it later.

Step 5 – Combined Pupil & Shadow Shape

Anime male eye inner shape

The pupil and the top reflection/shadow as one form since they can be shaded by using the same color.


Step 6 – Main Reflection

Anime male eye reflection

The reflection is the main reflection of the primary light source. The form of the reflection is dependent on how the source of light (the sun or the case of indoor lighting, for example) However, generally you can simply draw a circle or oval form.

Step 7 – Secondary Reflection

Anime male eye reflections

The second reflection within the eye is usually caused by the light that is emitted by the reflection of the primary source of light (for instance, the sun reflecting off an edgy surface).

Step 8 – Pupil Shape

Anime male eye details

Draw a darker line to mark the pupil. The rest will be guidelines that disappear once the pupil is shaded.

Step 9 – Shading & Color

Anime male eye

Shade and color the eyes. Like we said earlier, you can choose the same color for both the pupil and shadow. The reflections should be white except when the light source has a specific hue (for instance, a sunrise that is red).


This concludes the male anime eye drawing tutorial. If you’re looking to draw different types of male anime eyes, you can tweak the shape according to your preference or take out specific steps or parts of the eye to create more simple designs.

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There could be overlaps in information within these tutorials, but each tutorial has its specific area of focus.

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