Have a wonderful day everyone! Today we completed a new drawing lesson based on our favorite characters from the Marvel Universe. We decided to draw a rather uncommon hero. As you can see, we write a post in which we’ll guide you on ways to draw Magus. You probably are aware Magus is the name given to him by his creators. Magus can be described as evil by Adam Warlock. Adam Warlock.

Step 1
Let’s start using the stickman. We will need it to create a drawing that is smooth and homogeneous. The first step is to have to draw the head in the shape of an oval. Then, draw the outline of the neck which runs through the spine. Along the spine’s lines, draw a thorax as well as the pelvis. With simple lines, draw legs and arms.

Pay attention to an important aspect that the proportions of the drawing are severely disorganized. This is because of the unusual foreshortening. The arms, head, and chest are extremely close to us, which is why they appear so big. Legs and pelvis should be extremely small for the same reason.

Don’t forget to draw two lines in the facial contour. These lines will aid in revealing the features of the face further down the line.

Step 2
In this phase, we’ll add the volume of your Magus drawing. This is why we draw out our torso which expands towards the shoulders and narrows down the waist. With the aid of thin lines and simple geometric lines, draw the legs and arms.

Then we can again observe the uniqueness of this angle. Forearms and fists appear larger than the face. The pelvic region and legs appear shorter than the body.

Step 3
Let’s start with the essential aspects of Magus. The first step is to sketch out the hair’s rounded form. Then, sketch out the lines of the nose, eyes, and mouth. It is easier to draw when you focus on the facial lines drawn in the very beginning.

Step 4
This is a simple procedure. In this case, we must erase any unnecessary lines on the face. It is important to note that you do not have pupils to be drawn. Next, draw the contours of your face and hair. Make sure you remove all unneeded guidelines from the face.

Step 5
We’ll now move into the body. In this stage, it is necessary to precisely draw out the strong abdominal muscles, pectoral muscles, and the form of the upper torso. Be aware that your body needs to be a little more narrow in the pelvis region. Also, we should mark the logo on the chest. Then, eliminate all unnecessary guidelines on the torso.

Step 6
The next step is to work on the arms. Draw the arms using straight lines, as illustrated in our illustration. While drawing the arms, think about all muscles. Be careful when drawing clenched fists. Make sure to take a look at the instruction on drawing hands.

Step 7
In this stage, we’ll sketch the leg muscles of the hero. Take care to draw the lines of the legs and take into account the lines of joints and muscles as seen in our image. Following that, we remove the previous guidelines and then sketch the cranium on the belt. The final step of this step is to draw the shoes.

Step 8
In this final stage, we draw shadows. It is evident that we have two types of shadows. This is also the case for famous comic artists. The darkest areas are shaded with the aid of dark and clear areas of shadows. The lighter shadows are drawn using dense hatching.

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