Dear viewers of 3dvkarts! Today we draw the most iconic ever fictional villain. In this drawing class, we’ll show the art of drawing Magneto. Erik Magnus Lenser, one of the main characters in the stories of the X-Men was created in 1963. Since then, he has become the primary antagonist in the stories for instance in numerous aspects of the films that focus on The Marvel X-Men.

Step 1
This class will be challenging however, it will be entertaining. We must first select the posture of our character. In our case, Magneto is standing straight, and he wears his helmet between his arms. Then, we draw the stickman of Magneto. In this case, everything is normal The growth corresponds to the total length of seven heads.

The way we draw the figures from top to bottom. Therefore, we first draw the head in a shape that resembles an oval and then draw the other body parts by drawing simple lines.

Step 2
In the first step, draw the symmetry line of facial symmetry (it has a vertical aspect) as well as the eye’s horizontal lines. Over the eyes line, outline the hairline and below the line of the eye draw lines for the mouth and nose.

Next, draw a neck into the shape of a cylinder. Then draw the torso that narrows at the waist. Make shoulders in the form of ovals, as well as arms that are the shape of long cylinders. Draw hands. hands and helmet. and helmet. the form of an arc. Then, move on to your legs. They need to be drawn in the same way as arms.

Step 3
In the fourth phase, we outline strokes, where we can add more details to the face. The first step is to outline the eyes, and then gently curve the eyebrows. We then draw the nose and ears. But, in our class about Magneto, you will notice the difference. It’s not an insect, but our hero shook his head slightly.

Then, we move on to the form of the hair. In particular, the form of hair. Draw lines that are smooth, and ensure that you keep a high forehead open. Don’t forget to draw the outline of the jaw as well as draw lines for the cheekbones.

Step 4
Continue to draw Magneto. Draw the face of the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants in the specifics. We stopped in the first step with hair, but now we begin with them.

We have hair contours from Magneto Now you need to sketch the contours of the hair itself. Make gentle, brief lines (note that they are not straight and don’t go across the edges). Hairlines must be drawn in the direction from the root to the edges. Then sketch the eye contours If necessary, you can adjust the pupils.

After the stage is completed, you can draw your ears, wash additional guidelines, and wash the entire area where we worked.

Step 5
The mantle and the torso are what we’ll draw in this stage. Below the collarbone, draw an arc with a steep curvature that is, it will go all the way to the shoulders. Then trace the upper side of the cape that is located just in front of the shoulder.

Then make the outline of the pectoral muscle. In the pectoral muscles with bulges, draw the outline of the ribs. Then our Magneto is like an illustration from comic books.

Step 6
In this step, we are sketching out the area that was sketched out during the earlier step. Above the arch in the middle, trace an outline of your collarbone. Draw circles around this piece of clothing. Then, draw the lines of the pectoral muscles as well as the ribs, and the waist. Don’t forget to draw those contours on the upper part of the cape. After we have completed this step, the whole body of Magneto should have a finished appearance.

Step 7
It’s a fairly simple part of the guide on drawing Magneto. Utilizing curved lines, join the parts of the earlier steps to draw an outline of the muscles. Begin by drawing the contours of the shoulders as well as the triceps, biceps, and forearms. Eliminate the extra lines using the hands and helmet, and draw the contours. Draw the contours of your fingers as well as an opening in the helmet.

Step 8
In this step, we are done working on the upper portion of the body. First, take off all the rough lines from the previous steps. Next, draw lines of the muscles. Create decorations on the helmet, which are placed in the middle of the opening and at the top. Notice that in our example we draw the classic Magneto that you see in old comics. However, you are able to draw him in any way you like for example, as seen in films concerning the X-Men.

Step 9
Then, we can follow the same steps as we took in step 7. With smooth lines, connect the components that comprise the legs. As you see, in this case, leg muscles drawn, such as the quadriceps muscles and Calf muscles. Don’t forget to draw knees, and the foot, and also draw shorts. Also, note in the comments section why people in comics wear clothes underpants.

Step 10
In this stage, we are drawing the form of Magneto. In this step, we finish the drawing of the legs. As you might guess, you can see, we are repeating the steps of step 8 step. Draw the lines of the legs remove all guides, and trace the lines of the muscles. Also, if you draw a traditional Magneto such as we did in our case you can draw a pattern onto the boots. Also, in this step, take the cape and create wrinkles in the cape, and the shorts.

Step 11
The course on how to draw Magneto is slowly coming to an end. We are now on the final step which involves adding shadows. Similar to other lessons in the style of the comic (see examples, for instance, the drawing lessons for Wolverine and Spider-Man) Shadows in this lesson are to be applied in two steps First, sketch out the shadows’ contours then apply a thick layer of paint the shadows within. Halftone is added by the use of light hatching.

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