Have a nice day, dear readers! Today we’ll teach the readers the art of drawing The Magic of New Mutants. She’s not well-known for her role as a member of the X-Men team or the New Mutants team but we are confident that she will be able to show her talents.

Step 1
The first thing we must do is to draw the stick women. Sketch out the head as a normal oval. Then trace the back and neck into the shape of a normal line. In the upper portion of this line, sketch out the thorax, and in the lower portion draw out your pelvis. By drawing simple lines, you can draw light contours of the arms as well as legs.

Step 2
In this stage, we’ll increase the volume of the body of our character, making the appearance of the stickman. We draw two intersecting lines within the head’s contour. Then we draw the neck’s cylindrical shape as well as the contour of the body. The latter reduces in size to the pelvis. Then, draw graceful legs and arms. Make sure you draw the lines like in our drawing.

Step 3
We now need to draw some basic elements. Starting with the head. On the horizontal lines of the face, we create the eyes. The eyebrows are just above and beneath the mouth and the nose. Then trace the top of the shorts and armor using spikes.

Step 4
We finished working on circuits in the final stage. We now begin to draw our final lines. Take your time drawing out your face’s outline. Draw oval eyes with a small nose, and orb-shaped lips. Make sure to draw hairstyles with bobs.

Step 5
Let’s get to the body. With clear and dark lines, carefully trace the neck. Then, outline the contour of the body. Draw the clothes, but don’t forget to sketch out the outline of the contours of the figure underneath the clothing. Sketch seams on clothes and the line for abdominal muscle.

Step 6
It’s time to start working with arms. Therefore, gently release the palms, arms, and sword. Hands should be elegant and delicate. The sword must be massive and sharp in order to draw attention to the hands. After drawing, you can remove the lines from your hands and sketch the lines you need to draw.

Step 7
In the last step, we’ll draw out the hips. They will smoothly move through the legs. Draw high boots as well as all the specifics on them, as shown in the image below. For the final step of this drawing, the tutorial removes any unnecessary rules in the sketch.

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