Hello, dear friends of the yellow family! In this drawing class, we will teach students how you can draw the newest family member Maggie Simpson. Maggie Simpson.

Maggie Simpson – the character in the animated series “The Simpsons” Maggie Simpson is the most junior daughter to Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson. Everyone wondered what was the reason Maggie hasn’t grown. In the quarter-century of The Simpsons, Maggie did not get older. However, Maggie was extremely developed. Same undeveloped. Similar to the older sibling Lisa. So, let’s discover the art of drawing Maggie Simpson.

Step 1
First, draw two circles that represent the eyes. Draw the eyes between them as we did in our illustration. In the introductions of the beginning seasons, the price of Maggie was the sum of 847.63. The same was the average monthly expense for a child across the United States.

Step 2
Utilizing z-line to create Maggy’s hair using z-line. Maggy (note that Lisa Simpson has the same hairstyle). In 2009, during the 20th season, Maggie’s value “fell” to the sum of 243.26.

Step 3
With a straight line, sketch the cheek. Draw the famous soother as in the image below. Another interesting fact regarding Maggie Simpson: Matt Groening (creator of the Simpsons) has been alive for 26 years and is making that sound made by the soother.

Step 4
The lower lips should be drawn as well as the neckline with curved lines. Drawing the lines and ear within the ear. Another interesting fact: in the very first short film that comprised “The Tracey Ullman Show” Maggie occasionally spoke.

Step 5
Draw the pupils of the eyes making use of two dots. In the upper portion of the head, draw the bow.

Step 6
Maggie Simpson’s head is ready. Maggie Simpson is ready, begin making the head. Draw the collar and arms that appear like two three-cylinders. By drawing two lines curved, draw the outline of the stomach.

Step 7
Make the fingers with shapes like the nose that we sketched in one of the earlier steps.

Step 8
This is the final step of the instructional on drawing Maggie Simpson, in which we sketch the lower portion of the clothes. Make sure to sketch the leg contours underneath the clothing.

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