How to Draw Lynx From Fortnite -

How to Draw Lynx From Fortnite

How to Draw Lynx From Fortnite

How to Draw Lynx From Fortnite

Step 1:
Just draw the guidelines and shapes until you have a workable frame like the one you see here for the Lynx skin from Fortnite.

Step 2:
Define the shape of the face as you see here. It’s sort of oblong don’t you think?

Step 3:
Next, begin drawing in the facial details and formation. Add the definition as follows in this step.

Step 4:
We will move on to the body. Start with the neck, then draw in the shoulders, breast and the hand that is creeping over the top portion of Lynx’s chest. Notice the length of the nails.

Step 5:
Sketch in some of the detailing to the suit or skin. Start at the top and move your way around.
We will draw in Lynx’s figure next. The waist is nicely curved and the hips go out in a nice proportion as well. Draw the thighs too.

Step 6:
You will add the detailing to the skin or body suit. Notice the what looks like fangs or teeth that are at the lower part of the waist which I will call the pelvic area. When you are done drawing the detailing to the skin’s suit, you will draw the arm as well which is long and toned.

Step 7:
Lastly, draw in the hand and the long tail that all real lynx cats have. Erase the mistakes if you made any as well as the guides.

Step 8:
And here you have it. A nice drawing of Lynx from Fortnite. This skin is super cool and I hope you have a lot of fun drawing it out.

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