How to Draw Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter

Step 1

The outline for the face should be drawn and outline the head according to facial guidelines.

Step 2

This is where you’ll sketch out her facial shape. Then outline the hairline.

Step 3

In this stage you’ll first draw and color your eyebrows, and then sketch the outline that the eyes have. Draw the mouth, nose and the dimples.

Step 4

The hair of Luna’s entire body is in a straight, shoulder-length. Include details around the roots and then down the hair, as well as the hair strands.

Step 5

Draw the contours of the neck. Next, draw the collar of the shirt and shoulders, and then stitch the fabric. Remove all mistakes and you’re finished.

Step 6

Here’s the stroke after you’re finished. You can keep Luna in the form of a drawing or paint her.



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